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9 Best Coffee Subscriptions for Coffee Lovers (2024)

Looking to take your coffee drinking to the next level? A coffee subscription or coffee of the month club will get you there. Or, if you’re looking for a gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life, we think a coffee subscription will be not only a thoughtful gesture but also something that they’ll actually love for months and months to come!

With the boom in subscription services for almost everything under the sun, you can find a massive amount of various retailers and roasters offering subscription services. We know, there are a ton of coffee subscription services out there. That’s why we’ve condensed our coffee subscription list down from literally dozens to just our top 10. Here are our favorite coffee subscriptions and coffee of the month clubs.

Best Coffee Subscriptions for Coffee Lovers and Coffee Enthusiasts

All of the subscription services below will deliver you some of the world’s greatest coffee, so that’s not an issue (there is no ‘worst coffee subscription’ on this list)! However, there still are a few to choose from. For those of you who just need a recommendation, we’ve got you.

Overall, here is a breakdown of a few notable features subscribers are looking for as well as the best subscription for that feature:

Below, you will find 5 coffee of the month clubs featuring a wide variety of artisan coffee roasters. You will find an additional 4 coffee subscriptions that feature solely one coffee roaster (these are some of today’s best coffee roasters).

When going through the list below, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they ship to my country?
  • Do they ship coffee frequently enough to match what I need?
  • What extra perks/features do I get with this service?


Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee Subscription Box - Subscription Box Expert

Trade uses its fancy coffee-matching algorithm to match you to the perfect roast and flavor based on your coffee profile. Just take the simple 7-question quiz, then sit back and relax. You can opt to receive a new bag of coffee as early as every week or as late as every 6 weeks.

The best part is that each time your subscription renews, you’ll be getting a different bag of coffee so you’ll continue discovering the latest and the greatest.

Frequency: Every 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 weeks

Amount per box: 1 12 oz bag; whole bean or ground coffee
Cost: $15-22 per month, depending on the coffee you match to and select
Ships To: US for free
Skip or pause subscription feature: Yes, you can pause your subscription for three, six, or nine weeks
Click here to subscribe.
DEAL ALERT: 30% off your first bag + free shipping always

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Bean Box

Bean Box is great if you have set your sights on Seattle’s top-rated coffee roasters. The roasts are crazy fresh, and often only a few days old when you receive the package. You can customize your Bean Box any time to your preferred taste: light and fruity, medium and chocolaty, dark and toasty, rich and creamy espresso, and decaf.

They offer a Coffee Tasting Subscription as well as a Coffee Bag Subscription. The Coffee Tasting Subscription allows you to discover 4 expertly-curated coffees every month. The Coffee Bag Subscription gives you artisan coffees in larger, 12 oz bags (which will yield about 24-36 cups of coffee).

We love the monthly coffee tasting plan because it’s so fun to try out new PNW coffees we’ve never heard of before (they make great coffee up there). A subscription will also come with a few perks including exclusive access to rare, hard-to-find microlots, free shipping, and 5% back in Bean Box Credits that you can exchange for more coffee!

Frequency: Monthly
Amount per box: Coffee Tasting comes with 4 1.8 oz bags, Coffee Bag comes with one 12 oz bag; whole bean or ground coffee
Single Origin options: Yes
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $16.50 per month for Coffee Tasting, $20-24 for Coffee Bag (price depends on frequency)
Ships To: Free shipping to US
Click  here  to subscribe.

Angel’s Cup

The exposure to so many craft roasters and coffee varieties through Angel’s Cup is incredible. If you want maximum flexibility with a coffee subscription, the Angels’ Cup Cupping Flight subscription could be exactly what you need. It includes four 30-gram bags of coffee, which will basically allow you to drink a different coffee each day. It’s a great option for anyone looking to try a bunch of different high-quality coffees before committing to one they want to stick with. With the Cupping Flight, you’ll actually be able to try up to 16 coffees a month!

Another fun subscription they offer is The Black Box subscription. Every coffee in The Black Box is a mystery until you taste it. Each sample contains 2.75oz of coffee, 11oz total in a box. You’ll get to blind taste each of them, making it such a fun way to learn about coffee flavors and origins without judging by looks, only taste! There is also the All Stars subscription, where you let the coffee community choose the best possible coffee from recent shipments. You just sit back and relax and get what you get with this one!

They also have a free app where you can record tasting notes on the coffees you try and compare answers with the coffee community and roasters. Overall, Angels Cup is a great coffee subscription company, and you’ll find that you have a lot of flexibility with your subscription. If you subscribe for 6 or 12 shipments, you’ll save a couple of bucks per shipment! They also offer separate gift subscriptions.

Frequency: Every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks
Amount per box: Depends on the subscription type, whole bean or ground coffee
Single Origin options: Yes
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $10 per month for the Cupping Flight, $17.50 for All Stars, $20 for The Black Box
Ships To: US and Canada, additional shipping cost.
Click  here  to subscribe.

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club: Everything You Need To Know

Atlas Coffee Club is a bit different from the rest of the subscriptions on this list because they feature single origin coffee from around the world. The origin changes each month and includes Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and beyond. This is a great way to discover some of the best coffees from around the world. Each box also includes a postcard from a new country each month, coinciding with your coffee’s origin, as well as tasting notes & brewing tips for each batch. They also have great customer service, so if you receive something that just doesn’t do it for you, their customer service will do what they can to make it right! They also offer separate gift subscriptions.

Frequency: Every 2 or 4 weeks
Amount per box: Your choice of 1 6 oz bag or 1-2 12 oz bags of whole bean or ground coffee
Single Origin options: Yes
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $14 per month for the 12 oz subscription.
Ships To: US and Canada, additional shipping cost.
Click  here  to subscribe.

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Mistobox gets you access to coffee from 50+ different artisan coffee roasters. There are almost 600 different coffees to choose from, and once you do choose, your coffee is freshly roasted to order and immediately delivered to your door. MistoBox is a good option for someone who doesn’t quite know what they want yet. And that’s totally okay, they will help you along the way!

When you subscribe, you’ll get matched with a coffee curator– a coffee expert who learns the kinds of coffee you like and sends you coffee based on your preferences. If you don’t feel like picking your coffee one month, they’ll choose for you based on your flavor profile. We’ve mostly picked our own bags, but our coffee curator has never sent a bag we didn’t like!

MistoBox offers gift subscriptions along with customary subscriptions. They have a Basic tier and a Deluxe tier. Basic is for those who just want their caffeine kick, while deluxe is for those who take pride in their coffee brewing. You can even prepay for the 6 or 12 shipment coffee plan and save a few dollars in the long run. MistoBox comes highly recommended, but do note that it is on the more expensive side, averaging ~$17-20 per 12oz bag once shipping is factored in.

Frequency: Every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks
Amount per box: Your choice of 1 12 oz bag of whole bean or ground coffee
Single Origin options: Yes
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $12 per month (for Basic) or $15 per month (for Deluxe); additional savings if you prepay for 6 or 12 bags.
Ships To: US only, $5 shipping
Click  here  to subscribe.


Blue Bottle Coffee

blue bottle coffee subscription

Blue Bottle is another wonderful coffee roaster that offers coffee subscriptions featuring only their own roasts. Sourced with care and shipped out within 24 hours of roasting, their coffee will always arrive at your doorstep super fresh. We recommend starting with the Single Origin Assortment (they’re most popular), Blend Assortment, or the Espresso Assortment. The best part is that your first bag is free (just pay $5 for shipping)! As a member, you’ll get complimentary shipping and early access to new products and VIP events.

If you ever come across a Blue Bottle Coffee in person, you must get yourself a cup of that New Orleans-style Iced Coffee. Simply delightful.

Frequency: Every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks
Amount per box: Your choice of one 6oz or one to three 12 oz bags of whole bean only
Single Origin options: Yes
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $11 per month for half bag (6 oz), $18 for standard bag (12 oz)
Ships To: US, $5 flat rate shipping. Coffee subscriptions are also available in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
Click  here  to subscribe (first bag is free).


verve coffee subscription

Verve was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California. Today, Verve has locations in cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Japan. Despite their growth, their roots remain planted in Santa Cruz, where they roast their coffee on vintage roasters! We love grabbing Verve coffee when we’re in Santa Cruz.

Their subscriptions feature some of their most iconic blends, as well as a lot of single origin options. If you want to subscribe to Verve but not sure what to order, start with Verve Roaster’s Choice–it’s awesome. You’ll get a weekly rotating offering that includes some of their most popular coffees. The Sermon is also off the charts good. We’re currently subscribed to Verve and haven’t had a bad bag yet. They also have the option of getting an ongoing subscription for yourself or gifting a subscription.

Frequency: Every 1, 2, or 4 weeks. Skip option also allowed.
Amount per box: Your choice of 1 or 2 12 oz bags of whole bean or ground coffee, or one-kilo bag.
Single Origin options: Yes
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $16 per month
Ships To: US, free shipping
Click  here  to subscribe.

DEAL ALERT: Use this link for $5 off.

Ruby Coffee Roasters

Ruby Coffee Roasters was founded by a group of coffee professionals in a garage in Portage County, Wisconsin. And they’ve come a long way since then. There are mainly three types of subscriptions, Roaster’s ChoiceBright and Lively, and Rich and Sweet. For the Bright & Lively and the Rich & Sweet subscriptions, you’ll get one 12 oz bag per delivery. For the Roaster’s Choice subscription, you’ll get two 8 oz bags for more variety. If you’re looking to just try their coffees before subscribing, they have a sampler pack of four 12 oz bags.

They also send out quite an extensive newsletter about each coffee, so you’ll know exactly what you’re drinking and where it comes from. If you try their subscription and absolutely fall in love with it, they also have five-pound bag subscriptions!

Frequency: Every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 weeks
Amount per box: Your choice of 1 12 oz bag of whole bean or ground coffee
Single Origin options: Yes
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $18 per month
Ships To: US, flat rate shipping
Click  here  to subscribe.

Counter Culture Coffee

Founded in Durham, NC more than 25 years ago, Counter Culture has been a pioneer of coffee quality and sustainability. With that, it’s no wonder they have such a huge following of coffee drinkers and coffee subscribers. Coffee products range from single origin to blends to decaf. No matter what you pick, it’ll be high-quality and it’ll probably be delicious. They have a huge learning portal on their website, covering topics such as sustainability, Ethiopian varieties, coffee basics, brewing guides, and the history of coffee.

They also have the option of getting an ongoing subscription for yourself or gifting a subscription. For year-round subscriptions, you can choose which year-round coffee you’d like to have delivered each time. If you’d like a different year-round delivered each time, please contact

The single-origin subscriptions, on the other hand, are curated and chosen by their coffee department each order. The way the coffees are chosen depends on the coffee’s availability and seasonality. You will not be able to choose which single-origin coffees you’ll receive.

Frequency: Every 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks
Amount per box: Your choice of 1-4 12 oz bags of whole bean only
Single Origin options: Yes
Cost: 12 oz bags starting at $13.50 per month
Ships To: US and Canada
Click  here  to subscribe.

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