BREO BOX Fall 2023 Unboxing

BREO BOX: What’s In The Fall 2023 Edition Box

Fall is here, and so is the latest BREO BOX, filled with a curated selection of innovative and practical tech and lifestyle-related products to enhance that sweet life of ours.

Let’s take a closer look at the exciting contents of the Fall 2023 Edition:

BREO BOX Fall 2023 Unboxing
Courtesy of BREO BOX

Fellow Stagg Stovetop Tea Kettle: Craft Your Perfect Brew

This was by far the most interesting and exciting product in this quarter’s box! Fellow products have been ALL the rage these days, and we’re so glad to have gotten a gooseneck kettle from the very best brand there is out there!

Elevate your tea or coffee-making ritual with the Fellow Stagg Stovetop Tea Kettle. Known for its sleek design and precision pour spout, this kettle adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Fellow kettle owners love the built-in thermometer for achieving the ideal water temperature, ensuring a flavorful cup of tea every time.

RiddiaPress: Seamless Technology Meets Clothing Perfection

Experience the seamless integration of technology and fashion with RiddiaPress, featuring patented heating technology that effortlessly adapts to the fabric of your garments. This innovative solution ensures you look your best, with the added convenience of fitting into a carry-on for on-the-go style optimization.

Specifically optimized for cotton/polyester blends, RiddiaPress auto-adjusts for smooth control, delivering time-saving efficiency by heating up in just 60 seconds and automatically shutting off when not in use. With a rapid full charge in less than 2 hours, you can enjoy crisp, perfectly pressed clothes whenever you need them.

Finally, no more having to find hotels that offer an iron in the room. You’ll always have a super lightweight and packable one with you!

Carson PageGlow™: Illuminate Your Nighttime Reading

Say goodbye to straining your eyes during late-night reading sessions with the Carson PageGlow™. This compact and versatile book light illuminates your pages evenly, reducing eye fatigue.

People who own the Carson PageGlow love its adjustable brightness levels, ensuring the perfect amount of light for any environment.

We think this will be great for camping and readying this summer!

Power To Go MagPak Dual Power Bank: Stay Charged On the Move

In a world where staying connected is crucial, the Power To Go MagPak Dual Power Bank is a game-changer. With its magnetic attachment feature, this power bank ensures a secure connection to your device. People who have power banks like this one rave about its fast-charging capabilities and the convenience of dual ports, making it a must-have for those on the go.

Swanwick Better Nights Anti-Blue Light: Improve Your Sleep Quality

Say goodbye to sleep disturbances caused by blue light with Swanwick Better Nights. These glasses are designed to filter out harmful blue light, promoting better sleep quality. Users appreciate the stylish design and the noticeable improvement in their sleep patterns, making them an essential part of the nightly routine.

Tooletries Silicone Scalp Massager

We have ALWAYS wanted these ever since they blew up on social media. Our scalps could definitely use some deep cleaning, especially after all that summer sweating, ha!

Elevate your hair care routine with Tooletries Scalp Scrubber – a game-changer for a rejuvenating scalp scrub and deep hair cleanse. Designed to keep your crown happy and healthy, this impressive tool is equipped with silicone bristles that exfoliate, promote scalp health, and enhance circulation.

Whether your hair is wet or dry, and no matter the type, the Scalp Scrubber is perfect for all. The 100% silicone construction ensures a deep cleanse while strengthening your hair. To use, apply your favorite shampoo directly onto the bristles, grab the ergonomic handle, and scrub deep into the roots. Clean, convenient, and effective, the Tooletries Scalp Scrubber is your key to a happy scalp!

The Bottom Line: Is This Box Worth The Money?

Cost of BREO BOX: $159 per quarter + free shipping to the contiguous US.

Retail Value Breakdown: The total value of the items in the box is ~$250. Given that the box costs just $159, that’s a $92 savings!

We’ve received BREO Boxes in the past that weren’t really to our liking, but we must say, this quarter’s box knocked it out of the park!

The unboxing of the BREO BOX Fall 2023 Edition was so fun! We really have a well-balanced mix of wellness, technology, style, and functionality in this box.

As you can see, each product was thoughtfully selected to bring comfort and innovation into your daily life.

Everything in the box this quarter was extremely useful to us. If you also see yourself using every single item that’s provided in the box, then this is a great value box.

Having said that, everyone is different! If you found the items in this box to be an interesting hodgepodge of products that you would never really use in your life to begin with, then you won’t find as much value with this addition, as other people would.

Interested in seeing what’s to come in the following quarter’s box? Subscribe to BREO BOX for yourself.


BREO BOX brings you the hottest and latest products on the market to ensure you’re living your best life. Each box is curated based on current trends and innovations, as well as seasonality. You can expect to receive 5-8 of the best products in health, fitness, tech, and modern living that are worth at least $200-$300 in retail price.

Frequency: Quarterly (4x per year)
Cost: $159 per box if you pay seasonally | $144.75 per box if you pay annually

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