Snack Subscription Boxes For Kids

10 Best Snack Subscription Boxes For Kids

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Parents, aunts, uncles, teachers– whoever you are, buckle up for a snack-filled adventure that promises to bring joy and delight to the little ones in your life!

We’ve all experienced the magic that snacks bring to our lives – the way they add that extra dash of excitement to our day. Now, take that same thrill but tailor it specifically for kids. Yes, we’re talking about a world of munchies curated just for the taste buds of young ones that are always on the lookout for something snacky.

In the vast universe of food and small bites, the search for the perfect snacks for your youngsters can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Are you on the lookout for snacks that not only taste fantastic but also boast wholesome ingredients and healthy options? Maybe you want to treat the kids to classic munchies from familiar brands, or perhaps introduce them to the enchanting world of unique flavors from international countries?

Look no further – we’ve got the answer to your snack-time quest: kid-friendly snack subscription boxes!

These carefully curated boxes are not just a convenient way to keep your pantry stocked with an exciting variety of snacks but also serve as delightful gifts for the little ones in your life. Because, let’s face it, the surefire way to capture a child’s heart is through their stomach!

Best Snack Subscription Boxes For Kids

Our Top Recommendations

Snack Subscriptions For Kids

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat Subscription Box
Courtesy of Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat is a subscription box service that delivers a selection of Japanese snacks and candies to your doorstep each month. This service focuses on providing a wide range of traditional and modern Japanese snacks that are not commonly found in the West.

The box will include a mix of sweet and savory treats, as well as unique and trendy Japanese candies. Expect goodies like Japanese KitKats, Sakura Pepsi, Poky, and more!

This subscription service is a great option for snack lovers or anyone who wants to explore Japanese culture through snacks! Imagine being able to experience the colorful streets and markets of Tokyo through the tastes and textures of your Tokyo Treat.

It’s the perfect way to satisfy your wanderlust, and teach the kids about Japanese culture!

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: Plans starting at $32.50/month, you’ll get additional savings when you prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months

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The Mini Munch Box

Num-Nums Munch Box

The Mini Munch Box by Num Nums Munch Box is a delightful treasure trove of snacks specially curated with a focus on catering to kids with allergies. This thoughtfully designed snack subscription box goes above and beyond to ensure that every bite is not only delicious but also safe for those with dietary restrictions.

Parents of children with sensitivities can rest easy knowing that the snacks included are meticulously chosen to meet high standards of allergen safety. From nut-free to gluten-free options, this box is a game-changer for families navigating the challenges of allergies.

What can you expect to find inside The Mini Munch Box? From savory to sweet, crunchy to chewy, the assortment is designed to cater to different taste preferences, making snack time an exciting adventure for every child.

In addition to the delectable snacks, The Mini Munch Box by Num Nums Munch Box often includes fun and interactive elements to enhance the overall experience. Think engaging games, collectible stickers, or even educational tidbits that add an extra layer of excitement to the unboxing ritual.

For parents, this box is a game-changer, offering a hassle-free way to introduce their children to a wide array of snacks while addressing their dietary needs. The peace of mind that comes with knowing the snacks are allergen-conscious makes The Mini Munch Box an invaluable addition to any household!

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Cost: Plans starting at 12.99 per box
  • Types of boxes offered: Dairy Free, Peanut/Tree Nut Free, Gluten Free, Top 8 Free, and Vegan boxes

SnackSack Gluten-Free


SnackSack Gluten-Free is the ultimate snack solution for kids with gluten sensitivity. Packed with a variety of delicious, gluten-free treats, this subscription box offers a worry-free snacking experience.

Inside each SnackSack Gluten-Free box, expect a curated selection of wholesome and flavorful snacks. From savory to sweet, the assortment includes carefully chosen options that cater to gluten-sensitive diets. The box often features a mix of crunchy delights, chewy goodies, and satisfying bites, ensuring a diverse and satisfying snacking experience.

And to make it even more fun, each box is centered around exciting seasonal themes & flavors to try. This snacking plan features tasty treats, made with 100% gluten-free ingredients.

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: Starting at $27.95 per month, additional savings if you prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months.
Ships to: Free shipping across the United States.
Skip a month feature: Yes.



Like many others on this list, this snack box can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Say hello to smarter, guilt-free snacking. SnackSack is all about the discovery of healthier snacks, delivered to you monthly! The SnackSack Classic (their most popular snacking plan) contains 11-15 snacks ranging from sweet to savory, all made from real ingredients and free of artificial junk.

Choose from 3 different snacking plans: Classic, Vegan, or Gluten-Free.

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: Starting at $27.95 per month, additional savings if you prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months.
Ships to: Free shipping across the United States.
Skip a month feature: Yes.

Munchie Case

Munchie Case

Munchie Case features the perfect mix of healthy (and unhealthy) snacks for when you and the kids get a case of the munchies and you throw healthy eating out the window.

Each monthly box contains 10-12 items handpicked by their team of “snacksperts” to provide you with a value-packed lineup of sweet, salty, and savory snacks.

Sometimes, we all need to take a break from conscious eating and just indulge in some of our favorite munchies. (Stuff it into the back of your pantry and only reach for them in case of emergency!)

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $25.99 per month
Ships to: Free shipping, ships worldwide from the United States.



MexiCrate is a flavorful adventure for kids who adore Mexican candy and snacks or are eager to explore global flavors. This subscription box delivers an exciting array of authentic Mexican treats right to your doorstep.

In a MexiCrate box, expect an eclectic mix of sweet and savory delights, including traditional candies, spicy snacks, and unique regional favorites. Kids will discover the rich and diverse taste palette of Mexican snacks, making snack time an exploration of bold flavors and textures.

They offer three types of subscription box sizes that span from small, medium, and large. All are delivered on a monthly basis.

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $9.99 to $32.99 per month, depending on which size you get
Ships to: $5 to $7 flat fee shipping within the USA only.

Japan Crate

Japan Crate - Best Travel Snack Subscription Box

About This Box: Japan Crate is a subscription service that delivers a variety of Japanese snacks and candies to your doorstep each month. They offer several different crate options, including the Original Japan Crate, which includes a mix of sweet and savory snacks; the Doki Doki Crate, which focuses on cute and adorable household items, travel items, and treats; and the Umai Crate, which includes a selection of authentic Japanese noodles and broth.

Honestly, all of their subscription boxes are great options for families or anyone who is curious about Japanese culture and cuisine! You’ll get to try a variety of delicious and unique snacks and treats, all while learning about the different flavors and traditions of Japan.

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: Subscriptions starting at $49.95 per month, additional savings if you commit to 3-12 months
Ships to: Worldwide from the United States, except a few countries; shipping is extra.

Candy Club

This subscription box is great for the kids! With Candy Club, you’ll get delicious candies delivered straight to your door! Candy Club partners with small artisan and famed candy producers to fill your box with a curated selection of delectable candies every month.

Choose between the Fun Box or Party Box, select your candy profile (Mostly Sweet or Mostly Sour), then sit back and relax as you wait for the candy to come. You can get anything from gummy candies and licorice to sour straws and chocolate–so much sweet goodness. No matter what you get, they’re all going to be premium-quality candies from nostalgic favorites to popular new treats.

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $29.99/month for your first Fun Box, $39.99/month for your first Party Box
Ships to: Free shipping across the United States

Kid Snack Box

Instead of simply going to the grocery store to pick up snacks for your child, why not try a monthly snack box just for kids! The Kid Snack Box includes 5-8 kid-friendly snacks that are all approved by Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists.

This is a great way to discover new and healthy snacks each month without breaking the bank. They have a few box options including, Original, Gluten-Free, or Nut-Free.

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $15 per month, additional savings if you prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months.
Ships to: Free shipping across the United States.


SnackNation is a fun way to discover some of the most delicious and healthy snacks on the market. The SnackNation team taste tests hundreds of the latest emerging snack brands, and only the most delicious options make it into your box.

Every month, you’ll receive 8 specially curated snacks including bars, nuts and seeds, chips, jerky, and sweets. Each snack you get will be a full-size, single-serve portion.

They also have a partnership with Feeding America, so for every box delivered to you, they also donate a healthy meal to a family in need. You and the kids can literally support a good cause by just eating!

  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Cost: Starting at $15 per month, depending on the size of the subscription.
  • Ships to: Free shipping across the United States, additional cost for AK and HI.

We hope you were able to find the perfect snack subscription box that fits all your needs! And remember, these also make the best gifts! If you’re looking for more food-related boxes, check out our list of the top food and drink subscription boxes here.

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