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15 Best Beer Subscriptions And Beer Gifts (2024)

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Do you love all things craft beer? Looking for the best gifts for beer lovers? Maybe you’re looking for some of the best Father’s Day presents and your dad happens to love beer. Well, then you’re definitely in the right place.

If you’re looking for a unique beer gift or a new way to discover beers from around the country, look no further. Beer of the month clubs and beer subscription boxes are exactly what you need. Many are designed to bring new, exclusive, and rare brews to beer lovers everywhere, so you’ll find that there’s a subscription for every type of beer in existence.

The Best Beer Subscription Boxes And Beer Gifts

Not only are beer subscription boxes fun and exciting to receive, but they are also ultra-convenient. You don’t even have to get up to go to the grocery store or bottle shop! Beer of the month club subscriptions are the perfect gift for any kind of beer lover you know.

With the right beer club subscription, you can really unleash a whole new world of craft beer! Check out our favorite beer subscription boxes and gifts for beer lovers below!

The Original Craft Beer Club

Best Overall
Craft Beer Club

About This Beer Subscription: When you join or gift the Craft Beer Club, you’ll get monthly shipments of some of the best independently crafted brews from across the country.

Every craft beer in your box is produced by small-production brewers who use only traditional brewing ingredients and methods. Each Craft Beer of the Month box comes with 12 beers total. You’ll get to try a total of four different styles from two unique breweries. Membership comes with a monthly Beer Club newsletter, as well as up to 3 bonus gifts in every beer box!

You can choose between an ongoing beer club membership or Craft Beer Club gifts to ship monthly, every-other-month, or even quarterly.

Frequency: Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly
Cost: $47.95 per month for 12 bottles
Ships to: Free shipping across the US, some states excluded.
Click here to subscribe.

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The Hop-Heads Beer Club

Best for IPA lovers
The HopHeads Beer Club

About This Beer Subscription: If you’re looking for an entire beer experience, Hop-Heads Beer Club will give you just that.

The Hop-Heads Beer Club was created for the true hop lovers out there, offering a variety of hoppy beer styles, including IPAs, Double IPAs, Session IPAs, IPLs, Imperial IPLs, hoppy Pale and Red Ales, and more.

Each box comes with a total of twelve 12 oz. handcrafted beers, featuring four bottles/cans of three different hoppy beers. Most featured beers come from American craft brewers, though international brewers are sometimes featured as well.

Members will also get the Malt of the Earth newsletter featuring detailed tasting notes as well as brewery profiles, food recommendations, and beer specs from the brewers themselves.

Frequency: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly
Cost: $47.95 per box
Ships to: $16 across the US only, some states excluded.
Click here to subscribe.

The International Beer Club

About This Beer Subscription: The International Beer Club is best for those most interested in exploring beers crafted abroad.

Focused solely on imported beers, this club delivers brews from famed brewing countries as Germany, Belgium, and England. The beer lovers in your life will enjoy styles such as Czech Pilsners, English Pale Ales, German Bocks, Scotch Ales, Belgian Abbey Ales, Irish Dry Stouts, Vienna Lagers, Hefeweizens, Witbiers, Barleywines, and much more.

Each delivery comes with 12 bottles of two different beer styles—six of each style. Membership also includes informational newsletters covering tasting notes, beer profiles, brewery histories, and ideas for food pairings.

This company also has five other beer club memberships, including the US Microbrewed Beer Club, The US and International Variety Beer ClubThe Hop-Heads Beer Club, and The Rare Beer Club.

Frequency: Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly
Cost: $43.95 per month for 12 bottles
Ships to: $16 shipping across the US, some states excluded.
Click here to subscribe.

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The Rare Beer Club

Rare Beer Club - Best Beer Subscription Boxes

About This Beer Subscription: The Rare Beer Club is best for those most interested in exploring exclusive beers that are hard to find in the country.

The curators of this club often help introduce products to the US market so you’ll be the first to try them. You’ll also get beers brewed exclusively for members of the Rare Beer Club, like Jolly Pumpkin’s Lupulo de Hielo, an oak-aged spiced blended ale.

Each delivery comes with 2 750 ml bottles; most are also cork-finished and wire caged. Members receive two different styles in each shipment, ranging from the country of origin, so rest assured that both domestic US craft brewers, as well as time-honored international breweries, will be represented.

Membership also includes informational newsletters covering tasting notes, beer profiles, brewery histories, and ideas for food pairings.

This company also has five other beer club memberships, including the US Microbrewed Beer Club, The US and International Variety Beer ClubThe Hop-Heads Beer Club, and The International Beer Club.

Frequency: Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly
Cost: $41.95 per month for 2 bottles
Ships to: Starts at $16 shipping across the US, some states excluded.
Click here to subscribe.

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Beer Drop

About This Beer Subscription: Beer Drop is a beer subscription program that’s built specifically for you and your personal tastes.

When you sign up, you’ll be able to choose what style of beer you wish to receive. The algorithm will then work its magic to match you up with the craft brews that fit your flavor profile best. If you’re gifting this and don’t know what preferences to choose, Beer Drop will simply surprise you with their top picks.

Boxes include the equivalent of 10 beers total, but there are plans if you want fewer than that. Each plan will include beers of different sizes and exclusivity. If you’re looking for more control with your membership, Plus and Ultimate members have the added perk of swapping out beers before their boxes ship.

Frequency: Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly
Cost: $44 per month
Ships to: $7.99 flat shipping on your order.
Skip a month feature: Yes.
Click here to subscribe.

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Craft Beer Kings

About This Beer Subscription: Receive a variety of the latest craft beers on the market with a Craft Beer Kings monthly subscription.

CBK stands out because there are so many specific beer club types you can join depending on your preferences. You can choose to sign up for subscriptions that exclusively feature IPA’s, Hazy IPA’s, stouts, sours, dark beers, California beers, barrel-aged beers, and much more.

By signing up for the beer club you want, you’re sure to discover new beers that you actually like drinking.

Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $49.99 per month
Ships to: Free shipping to the US, some states excluded.
Skip a month feature: Yes.
Click here to subscribe.


Though not exactly a beer of the month club, Tavour is one of the best and easiest ways to get craft beer from all over the United States.

There are over 650 featured breweries spanning 47 states in the USA. Build your own custom box of the craft beers you love and pay for only what ships, or simply enroll in a beer subscription and they’ll send you the highest-rated beers that suit your taste.

With a subscription, you’ll get access to two rare beers you can’t get in your area. Who doesn’t like exclusive, rare beers? The mobile app makes it super simple to pick out and order what you want.

Cost: Free to sign up, pay for what you order. For subscription boxes, $55-65 for 6 bottles and $90-115 for 12 bottles.
Ships to: $14.90 for shipping across the US, some states excluded.

Looking to explore additional gifts for beer lovers? Check out some of our favorite beer gifts below:

BREWSKI Craft Beer Shirt Club

Brewski Craft Beer Shirt Club

If you’re looking to discover new breweries that span the globe in the form of t-shirts (or gift it), this could be the subscription box for you. BREWSKI Craft Beer Shirt Club sends out limited-edition tees from featured breweries each month. Each box contains exclusive collector’s items provided by the brewery and can vary depending on the products they work with.

Previously featured breweries include Hobart Brewing Co from Tasmania, Wilson Brewing Co from Australia, St. Thomas from Canada, South Haven from Michigan, US, and many more.

They have no commitment monthly plans as well as plans where you can prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months. Click here to subscribe.

First Sip Brew Box

First Sip Brew Box

Though this is a beer-related subscription box, First Sip Brew Box does not actually contain any beer. You’ll bring your favorite craft beers to the table and they’ll outfit you with everything else!

Their mission is to expand your horizons and introduce you to top breweries and small businesses that are up and coming. Every month, they feature a different brewery and will send a box filled with beer gear, beer snacks, surprise branded merch, stickers and other beer swag.

The delicious treats within the box are handpicked to pair with the featured brew.

First Sip Brew Box has monthly subscription options as well as one-time gift boxes for the ultimate craft beer enthusiast. Click here to subscribe.

Craft A Brew’s Home Brewing Kit for Beer

Be more than a beer drinker–be a beer maker! This craft beer brewing kit by Craft A Brew turns beer lovers into beer brewers and gives them all the independence, experience, and fun that comes with microbrewing. Since this Home Brewing Kit was designed with first-timers in mind, the starter kit will also teach you about the art of brewing with the included Craft a Brew Guide to Craft Brewing.

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Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go

Frosty Beer 2 Go is the ultimate beer chiller for both beer bottles and beer cans. It’s made with a vacuum insulated double-walled stainless steel construction so that you’re guaranteed a frosty cold beer for hours on end. The chiller also conveniently comes with a built-in bottle opener. It comes in multiple colors and designs, so it’s a great gift option for any beer lover!

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Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

The Chillsner by Corkcicle promises cold beer for a very long time, which is completely magical. We all know that when beer gets too warm, it’s difficult to drink and nobody really wants it at all. Well, gone are the days of wasted warm beer! Just freeze the Chillsner about 45 minutes beforehand, insert into your beer bottle, and never suffer through another warm brew again. Babysit all you want–the pressure to chug a perfectly crafted brew is no more.

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USA Beer Cap Map

Looking for an amazing gift idea for the craft beer lover? Then consider this something they can actually display in their home! This beautiful USA beer cap map allows you to collect the bottle caps from your favorite breweries and snap them into this high-quality wooden map. The wooden map holds 69 bottle caps that easily snap in from the back. It holds all types of beer caps from import, domestic, craft beer bottles, and even twist offs.

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These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk is a hilarious adult drinking game best for starting or even ending your night of drinking fun. With its quick gameplay and super simple rules, it’ll get your party started in no time. Compete, vote, and throw your friends under the bus over with 100 dynamic cards. Of course, you can play with beer, shots, wine, or even juice, but always drink responsibly! This game is perfect for pre-gaming, game nights, beach days, tailgates, and barbeques.

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AleHorn Drinking Horn

Know someone who would love a Norse or medieval-themed present? Chug down ale or mead the way our ancestors did! What serious beer drinker wouldn’t want a Viking style beer horn? This handcrafted curved beer-drinking horn is perfect for those who’d like a more decorative drinking apparatus. As an FYI, the horns are all ethically sourced. They have many other styles as well, so check them all out!

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SipCaddy Bath & Shower Cupholder

If you know that special someone who’s life really revolves around beer, they’ll probably be thrilled to know they can now drink effectively in the shower! SipCaddy is patented and the only cupholder in the world that holds bottles, wine glasses, coffee mugs, solo cups, and cans. Yes, it was designed and developed by a team of drinking enthusiasts, architects, and designers–they really took shower drinking to the next level for you!

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We hope you find that perfect beer subscription box or gift to satisfy all those beer-drinking needs! Interested in subscribing to a beer subscription box? Check out our coupons and promo codes page to see if you can score an even better deal before you buy.

If you’re looking for more subscription box ideas, check out our top subscription boxes for men.

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