9 Best Charcuterie Board Subscriptions For Your Next Party

9 Best Charcuterie Board Subscriptions For Your Next Party

Charcuterie boards are a perfect choice for serving guests, and the combination of specialty cheeses, cured meats, spreads and pickles is always a crowd-pleaser. An excellent way to discover new cheeses and meats with your friends/family is to subscribe to a monthly charcuterie box!

Not only that, but they also make fantastic gifts — even if you aren’t there to enjoy it! The next time you are thinking about gifting a gourmet food subscription box, consider a charcuterie board too!

Here are some of our favorite suppliers of hand-picked cheese selections and artisanal dried and cured meats. Whether you’re looking for a basic introduction or want to dive into gourmet, premium cheese and meat, you’ll find a box to suit your tastebuds. Yes, even the pickiest ones!

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9 Best Charcuterie Board Subscriptions For Your Next Party

1. iGourmet

igourmet Charcuterie Subscription Boxes

iGourmet offers a fantastic selection of gift boxes for charcuterie boards, cheese boards, or deli meats. Their monthly subscription artisan charcuterie board introduces you to a delicious selection of specialty cured and dried meats and pate.

In every monthly box, you will receive two full-size artisan charcuterie products, with a suitable accompaniment selected to pair with the monthly choice. A newsletter will give you further information on the month’s selection, the producer, good food and wine pairings, and details of ingredients.

You can choose a 3, 6, or 12-month package or a monthly recurring subscription plan. With the monthly plan, you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime. You can buy this for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

At the time of writing, the average monthly cost for the charcuterie board subscription is $54, with free U.S. shipping included.

2. Point Reyes Farmstead

Point Reyes Farmstead is a cheese farm situated out in Northern California, and their selection focuses on cheese boards rather than classic charcuterie. The farm is known for its commitment to sustainable farming practices and for using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. Some of the most famous cheeses produced by Point Reyes Farmstead include:

  1. Original Blue: This award-winning blue cheese is made with raw cow’s milk and aged for a minimum of six months. It has a bold, tangy flavor and a creamy texture, with distinctive blue veins throughout.
  2. Bay Blue: This blue cheese is made with pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for three months. It has a milder flavor than Original Blue, with notes of toasted nuts and a creamy texture.
  3. Toma: This semi-hard cheese is made with pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for three to four months. It has a mild, buttery flavor and a smooth, creamy texture, with a natural rind.

This women-owned farm has a range of delicious gift packs to order — all of which feature some of their most famous cheeses!

Their board selections are noted for having delicious and unusual pairings, making them excellent gifts for the food connoisseur. A favorite is the Crowd Pleaser, which features five varieties of cheeses, a pimento cheese spread, fig and hazelnut chocolate, Sopressa salami, dried figs, candied nuts, and flatbreads.

Note that these are not monthly subscription boxes but gift cheese boards. This particular selection retails for $120, but the average price for a gift pack is around $80, with Spread the Love costing only $45. They also supply corporate gifts and large supply orders.

3. Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club

The Carnivore Club provides monthly artisanal meat selection boxes with premium cured meats. Every box has a unique themed selection and features dried and cured meat products from around the globe.

From time to time they’ll sell a special product that features everything you’d need to create a bangin’ charcuterie board. Other times, they’ll just sell charcuterie products so you can build your own board.

They also offer three types of dried/cured meat boxes—the Snack Box, which provides a monthly collection of on-the-go dried meat snacks; the Classic Box with handcrafted cured meats; and the Complete Box, which gives you everything you need for your charcuterie board.

The Complete Box has two premium cured meats and 3-4 complimentary pairings such as cheese, mustard, olives, and pickled goods. It retails from CA$54.99 a month.

You can receive a box monthly, every other month, every three months, or a one-time purchase if that suits you. This cost includes free shipping to most places.

4. Cured And Cultivated

Cured and Cultivated - Best Charcuterie Board Subscription Boxes

Cured and Cultivated offer a few delicious (and truly beautiful) charcuterie board boxes that they call “grazing boards”. They typically consist consisting of three hand-selected cheeses, two meats, crackers, and condiments.

To help you elevate your meat/cheese eating, each club box has tasting notes that provide information about the selection, describing each item.

You can order the box as a once-off or choose a three or six-month subscription. If you join the club, you will be notified of exclusive offers and receive discounts on reorders.

A one-time order costs ~$115 to $120, and a six-month subscription costs $690.

5. Sharecuterie Grazing Boxes And Boards

Sharecuterie specializes in creating beautiful and delicious charcuterie boards for events and gatherings. The brand offers a range of options, from small boards for intimate gatherings to large boards for weddings and corporate events.

Each board is carefully crafted with a selection of high-quality meats, cheeses, fruits, and other accompaniments, arranged in an eye-catching and appetizing way. 

Sharecuterie offers two options for charcuterie boxes. The Small Graze Box is aimed at 2-3 people, while the Large Graze Box is suitable for 4-6. Each month your subscription charcuterie box will give you a varied spread of meats, cheese, dips, jams, pickles, and something sweet!

  • The Small Graze Box contains two meats, two cheeses, gourmet jam, pickles or olives, crackers, and fruit for $55 a month.
  • The Large Graze Box has three meats, three cheeses, gourmet jam, dip, pickles or olives, crackers, fruits and berries, and something sweet for $88 a month.

You can choose a three-, six- or twelve-month subscription, and let them know if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies.

Sharecuterie currently only offers charcuterie box delivery to the Central Ohio area. You can see what’s available on their gift box page for shipping.

6. The Gourmet Cheese Of The Month Club

Gourmet Cheese Of The Month Club

If cheese is your number one thing, then you might want to opt for Cheese of The Month Club instead of a charcuterie box club (and just buy some meats from the grocery store to complete your charcuterie boards)!

Cheese of the Month Club offers professionally selected, artisanal hand-cut cheese selections. Every month, you’ll receive three unique farmhouse cheeses bought from across the globe.

The Original Gourmet Cheese Club Box offers three award-winning traditionally made artisanal cheeses with a rough total weight of 1 ½ lbs. The box includes tasting notes and profiles on the cheese and cheesemakers, offering food and wine pairing suggestions.

The Rare Cheese Club Box has three small-batch cheeses made from rare ingredients. These cheeses are limited runs, produced at only one or two locations worldwide.

The accompanying notes will provide detailed information on the rare milks and flavors used, the cheese profile, and the history of the cheese makers, along with serving and pairing suggestions.

The Original Box costs $43.95 monthly, and the Rare Cheese costs $59.95. Both boxes have a $15 shipping and handling charge.

7. Platterful

Platterful offers a delightful and ethical Charcuterie Kit that can be ordered as a once-off or monthly subscription. You can also prepay for the three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription.

They also have the option of a Gluten-Free or Vegan Charcuterie Kit, which makes them an excellent choice for many with allergies or intolerances.

Their kits come in a standard or large version; for every box sold, Platterful donates ten meals to combat child hunger in the U.S.

  • The Standard Charcuterie Kit includes two cheeses, one meat, a cracker pack, one or two spreads, and two accompaniments such as pickles, olives, dried fruits, etc. The cost is $75 for a one-time purchase.
  • The Large Charcuterie Kit includes three cheeses, two meats, one or two cracker packs, two or three spreads, and three accompaniments such as pickles, olives, chocolates, candied nuts, etc. The cost is $114 for a one-time purchase.

Both come with instructional notes and a video tutorial to help you build the perfect board for your guests.

Shipping is calculated at order confirmation.

8. Olympia Provisions Charcuterie Club

Olympia Provisions is a Portland-based company that specializes in crafting high-quality charcuterie, using traditional European techniques and locally sourced ingredients. The company offers a range of cured meats, including salami, prosciutto, and chorizo, as well as a variety of other products, such as pickles, mustard, and honey.

One of Olympia Provisions’ most popular products is its charcuterie board offering, which features a selection of their finest cured meats, cheeses, and accompaniments, arranged in a visually stunning and appetizing way. The board typically includes a variety of meats, such as salami, prosciutto, and coppa, as well as a selection of cheeses, crackers, and other items, such as olives, pickles, and nuts.

Each charcuterie board is carefully crafted with an eye for detail, using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. Olympia Provisions’ commitment to quality and tradition has earned them a reputation as one of the best charcuterie makers in the country, and their charcuterie board is a perfect way to experience their delicious products.

The Charcuterie Club Box contains two unique salamis, a jar of pickled vegetables, and a pack of one of their twelve varieties of traditional sausages. They also include an extra surprise and an artisanal cheese from one of the favorite producers.

A monthly subscription costs $85, including shipping; you can cancel or skip it anytime.

9. Murray’s Meat & Cheese of the Month Club

Murrays Cheese Gift Box - Best Charcuterie Gifts

Murray’s Meat & Cheese of the Month Club is a subscription service that delivers a selection of high-quality meats and cheeses to your doorstep each month. The club is run by Murray’s Cheese, a New York-based company that specializes in artisanal cheeses and cured meats.

Each month, subscribers receive a box containing a selection of meats and cheeses, along with tasting notes and pairing suggestions. The selection of meats and cheeses varies each month, with a focus on seasonal and specialty products. Some examples of the types of products you might receive include aged cheddar, prosciutto, salami, and blue cheese.

In addition to the meats and cheeses, each box also includes a newsletter with information about the products, as well as recipes and other tips for enjoying them. A guided step-by-step instruction note will explain cutting and perfectly serving your board!

Subscribers can choose from several different subscription options, including a three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscription. Month-to-month subscriptions cost ~$113, but by prepaying in three-, six-, or twelve-month packages, the monthly cost can decrease down to $95. Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

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