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FabFitFun Editor’s Box 2020 Review + Coupon


About FabFitFun

The Subscription Box: FabFitFun
Cost: $49.99 per box sent quarterly (4 boxes/year)
What You’ll Get: 8-10 full-sized, seasonal items worth over $200, including  beauty, fitness, wellness, apparel, and home products selected by the FabFitFun team
Ships to: The US, Canada, UK

COUPON: Use code PICNIC10 to save $10 off your first box!

FabFitFun Logo - Product Overview

FabFitFun is one of the most popular women’s lifestyle subscription services on the market. Each seasonally curated subscription box is made up of 8-10 full-sized beauty and lifestyle products.


Everyone, meet the Editor’s Box! In lieu of the FabFitFun Summer Box (I signed up after the Summer Box debuted), I received the Editor’s box, which is FabFitFun’s alternative box, featuring the best of beauty, fitness, wellness, and more.

These boxes are sold in-between seasons, custom picked by FFF editors, featuring top-rated brands the team can’t live without.

Let’s take a peek at what’s inside this quarter’s box!

The Editor’s Box 2020

Total Retail Value: $206 – $451 USD

First impression? The box that held all the products was so fun and colorful! (Definitely can be reused for storage or as a future gift box!) Upon opening the box, I found everything neatly covered by tissue paper. There were not only a variety of products but also a FabFitFun magazine and some coupons enclosed.

FabFitFun will always send out a mini mag in each box. It details the items included and also provides background on some of the featured makers and designers. You’ll also find exclusive coupons for some of the brands featured in the box.

The first few items below were handpicked by me. If you weren’t aware, one of the huge perks that a FabFitFun membership comes with is the ability to customize your box with stuff you actually want. So let’s dive in!

Customization #1: 

DONNI. Ribbed Sweater Coat – Retail Value: $99

This was the first customization I was really excited about. With summer in full force and autumn on its way, I was looking for some outerwear that was a bit lighter than what I already owned. This sweater coat fit perfectly, despite being a one-size-fits-all product. It’s simple, elegant, and pairs well with casual weekend outfits as well as with more formal work outfits. It’s loose-fitting, but drapes on me nicely.

I can totally see this becoming my go-to beach throw over cardigan for many summers to come. I’ve already started wearing this around the house on a daily basis and I love it! (I’m sure my coworkers will call me out soon for wearing the same jacket every day on our Zoom calls…) 

FabFit Fun Editors Box Review - SubscriptionBoxExpert

Customization #2: 

Business & Pleasure Co. Cooler Bag – Retail Value $59.00

So happy about my second customizable item! I think its arrival in my life came at the perfect time since summer is just starting to heat up. This cooler bag oozes summer vibes with its retro yellow and white stripes. We’ve already started going on weekend road trips and have found that drinking lukewarm drinks is pretty lame. The cooler bag is small enough to fit on the floor of the passenger seat but large enough to fit some ice bags, a few drinks and a few sandwiches in it. You have the ability to carry it by the handle or with the attached padded canvas shoulder strap. This bag is definitely going to be one of my summer staples. 

Customization #3: 

xo, Sienna Letter Board – Retail Value: $35

I’ve always wanted a throwback letter board to display funny statements or inspirational messages to myself, but never made the move to purchase one. With that, I was obviously delighted to see this as a customization choice in my first FabFitFun box. The messages are so visually clean, and the best part is that it comes with emojis and symbols too! 

As this was my first box on a quarterly membership, these were the only items I had the choice to customize. What a shame, because as an annual member, you get the perk of customizing a total of 5 items that come in your quarterly box! This is a huge subscription box game-changer for those of us that like to have more power over what gets sent to us. If you care to know, I have since then switched over to an Annual Membership!

Note: Select Members get to customize 3 products in their box. Annual members get to customize a total of 5 products in their box. The rest are FabFitFun picks! 

The below items were chosen for me by FabFitFun in this quarter’s box: 

Cuccio Somatology CALM + CLEAN Epsom Salt Hand and Body Wash – Retail Value: $39.95

I’m a sucker for anything that has aromatherapy involved, so I was actually really happy with this addition to the Editor’s Box. This hand and body wash has a very prominent lavender oil scent, but it’s not the overbearing kind of fragrance. It reminds me of a lot of the Aesop hand cream scents. Definitely can’t wait to use this once my boring, Target brand soap runs out.

Cosmedix Pure C – Retail Value: $54

It took me a while to figure out what this was, so I didn’t really have a reaction to this product out of the gate. In digging into it more, I realized that this is some pretty powerful stuff!

This dry, powdered form of pure Vitamin C is meant to be mixed in with any serums or moisturizers to help neutralize free radicals, reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, and improve skin texture and tone. I love maintaining the health and the glow of my skin, so I’m actually really excited to see what this product can deliver to my daily skin routine.

MakeUp Eraser – Retail Value: $31

I wasn’t sure how a towel alone could remove makeup without adding makeup remover to it, but after reading up on how the MakeUp Eraser works, this product is actually amazing. It’s essentially a patented, polyester cloth made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibers that work together to create a “suction” for all dirt, makeup, & oil in your pores.

Not only does it work like magic, it’s actually so good for the planet. One MakeUp Eraser equates to 3,600 makeup wipes. This eliminates the use of chemicals on your face, and you generate so much less waste. Now that’s something I can get behind! 

APTO Skincare Mist Set in Turmeric & Pomegranate – Retail Value: $14

These bottles of face mist certainly look cute and claim to keep your skin looking soft, dewy, and refreshed. However, the scents are a bit strange. I can best describe them as “spicy”, and surprisingly, the turmeric smells better than the pomegranate (which I would further describe as “bitter and spicy”. They come in very portable sizes so I could see how they could be great on the go, so I might just keep them in emergency places, for use when I’m in desperate need of skin refreshing (ie in the car, in my travel toiletry case, etc.). 

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo – Retail Value: $17

The Color Switch is an instant brush cleaner that allows you to remove an existing color off your brush so that you can seamlessly move on to applying the next color without having to worry about what was just on your brush. Other than for blush, I don’t typically use brushes when applying makeup (I use eyeshadow once in a blue moon) so I don’t think I’d use this product too often. However, I think this would make a perfect gift for my friends who use eyeshadow on the regular. It’s another solid, reusable product that reduces waste so I’d say this is valuable.

Other items that FFF subscribers got in their Editor’s Boxes: 

  • O by Oscar de la Rental Lana Aviator Sunglasses – Retail Value: $58
  • Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion – Retail Value: $78
  • Yumi Kim Hanging Train Case – Retail Value: $50
  • Grown Alchemist Detox Facial Night Cream – Retail Value: $125
  • Twine Cheese Board with Plate  – Retail Value: $30
  • AVEDA Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair – Retail Value: $31
  • Wader Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Mask 6 Pack – Retail Value: $25
  • Moroccan Gold Series Leave-in Mask – Retail Value: $39
  • Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask – Retail Value: $40
  • amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – Retail Value: $25


Retail Value of my Editor’s Box: $349
Subscription Box Expert Rating: 8/10

All in all, I was actually quite happy with my first FabFitFun quarterly subscription box. I really liked 6 out of 8 products, which is surprising, considering I haven’t had the best luck with other subscription boxes in the past. I think this is largely due to the fact that FabFitFun mixes in a variety of products, including home decor, fitness, and wellness products (on top of women’s hair and beauty products). I feel like they also took my personal profile survey seriously and sent me stuff based on how I actually answered the questions. A lot of the products I got were focused on skincare and wellness, which is spot-on to how I set up my personal profile.

Now a few thoughts on value. Bought separately, the products in my FabFitFun box would likely total way more than $50. Even though I don’t think this box is worth the “actual cost” of $349, I would have paid over $100 for the entire range of items I received.

So I’d say it’s still worth the $49.99 I paid, plus the element of surprise in my life when I see that beautiful, large box on my doorstep? Priceless. It’s like Christmas on a random weekday!

I think if I had upgraded to an annual membership earlier on before the customization window had opened up to subscribers, I would have gotten even more products I’d love and use on a daily basis. I’m so curious to see what future items I’d be able to customize once I switch over to being an Annual Member!

If you’re considering subscribing: The annual fee might seem steep for 4 boxes throughout the year, but if you consider the fact that the average box contains $250+ worth of products, this is actually quite a steal.

If you love trying new products and are open to discovering new brands (indie, luxury, and big-name brands), FabFitFun is definitely a good subscription to have. If you also value quality over quantity, then I’d say FabFitFun is for you! However, if you’re more frugal, minimalistic, and only buy what you know is tried and true, then FabFitFun might not be for you. 

Here’s a little incentive for you to sign up for a box of your own:

FABFITFUN COUPON: Use this link and promo code PICNIC10 to save $10 off your first box!

Read more about how FabFitFun works and what to expect with your membership. 

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